Free Schools – what a Tory Farce!!!

‘I say,’ said Marmaduke SnudgelyCarruthers-Smythe, ‘these schools are terribly expensive things, what?’

‘They certainly are Marmaduke,’ the PM replied feeling a little weary of the interruptions

‘Why don’t we sell the bally things?’ Marmaduke SnudgelyCarruthers-Smythe suggested. ‘That would solve it!’ He beamed around at the cabinet.

The PM stared at him. Slowly a frown worked his way over his forehead as the idea gradually embedded itself. Finally he shook his head. ‘No Marmaduke. Nobody would buy them. They wouldn’t be able to make a profit.’ He turned his attention to his notes.

Marmaduke SnudgelyCarruthers-Smythe looked deflated and then suddenly beamed round at everyone. ‘But I say – we could tell them that they don’t have to employ real teachers. That would cut the bally costs!’

The PM looked back up with a look of shock. The lad had come up with something. There were hundreds of businesses that would give it a go if they could turn a healthy profit.

Marmaduke SnudgelyCarruthers-Smythe somehow noticed he had the PMs attention and warmed to the theme.  ‘I know a lot of those Muslim Wallahs who’d like to run schools,’ he waited while the PM mulled it over. ‘And I just had a call from the Ku Klux Klan. They’d like a few. And the creationists. They’d jolly well like to take them off our hands.’

‘You know Marmaduke I think you’re on to something.’

See what Opher Goodwin has to say about education. He should know. He was a successful Headteacher. Probably THE MOST IMPORTANT BOOK ON EDUCATION SINCE SUMMERHILL!!


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