Poetry – First Feet – A poem for the first humans – the crazy chimps

Poetry – First Feet – A poem for the first humans – the crazy chimps

Stanzas and Stances cover

First feet

I am intrigued by the idea of the first humans. Somewhere on the African plains a small group of chimp-like apes were isolated from other groups and underwent various mutations. Within that group the genes became distinct and a series of beneficial changes created sufficient difference to be considered a new species.

There had to be a moment when those changes were distinct enough to be considered human. A mother held her baby in her arms. When it took its first steps human civilization was born.

I am aware that in practice this would have been a continuum and that moment would be arbitrary but it is nice to give it a concrete moment.

The strength of humans, which gives us our dominance on this planet, is due to our ingenuity/intelligence and ability to solve problems coupled with our teamwork. We, as hunters, even with weapons, when on our own, were no match for predators, but when in a group we proved formidable. Our brains created technology, weapons, civilization, war, hunting, farming and religion.

I just hope that our abilities are sufficient to deal with the huge problems we are creating ourselves.


First feet


First feet

Treading the grass

Of the savannah

With the cunning

Of a predator.


Brother to the right

In trust of


Safe within

The magic

Of ingenuity.


Working fearlessly

In collaboration

Lies the strength,

Cold and calculated

Of imagination

Throughout their length.


Opher 30.10.2015

2 thoughts on “Poetry – First Feet – A poem for the first humans – the crazy chimps

  1. Several groups of hominids came out of Africa and perhaps the most famous and interesting was Neanderthal . At some time these met with homo sapiens and there was some interbreeding. Many alive today have Neanderthal genes as DNA profiles have shown. For some unknown reasons the Neanderthals disappeared along with other hominids.
    The origin of intelligence is as yet a mystery and not really sorted out by Darwin completely in his book ‘The Ascent of Man , Wallace was concerned about this and they disagreed . Steven Pinker discusses this in his book How the Mind Works.

    1. Thanks for that flawedman. You have highlighted two big mysteries – the strange disappearance of the Neanderthals and the origin of intelligence. Both fascinating. The phenomenon of consciousness is something I find intriguing. I think that one day we’ll understand it better.

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