A story – Shopping

A story – Shopping


When I logged on today my computer reminded me that it was a good day to go shopping. I hadn’t realised that. So I quickly brought up my personal demographic to see what it was that I desperately needed. Unfortunately my personal preferences had become confused. Seemingly I had gone on line yesterday and bought something on a whim that was a long way outside of my normal preferences. It had thrown everything into an electronic dilemma. The centre in cyber-valley was no longer able to decide with certainty which products I required. It was pondering whether to go down this new route, with all the great new markets this opened up, or stick with the tried and tested. It was waiting to see where my next purchase would take me. I could almost sense its baited breath.

Undeterred by the lack of advice I checked what was trending and fortunately managed to buy some of that. I was lucky. Many of these trending products were running out. I just made it.

Quickly analysing my choices my personal demographic kicked in and offered me ten indispensable items which I snapped up with relish. They were different from my normal choices. It told me I was developing as a person. My choices were becoming more diverse and mature.

I was excited by the new opportunities that single purchase had opened up for me and spend a bit longer clicking on a number of items that I hadn’t previously realised that I required.

Eventually I was sated. I’d explored the avenues and made the choices. They’d be winging their way to me over the next few days and I’d be able to review and store my new acquisitions away with all the previous purchases. That was a bit daunting as it would inevitably require me having to make some space for them and that would require a culling. It was always hard deciding what to get rid of.

Never mind.

This shopping is exhausting!

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