Brexit – a country hopelessly divided – a government stoking up the division for personal gain!

I’m a Remainer – but I will not go into that now!

I am sure that all Remainers and Brexiteers have very good reasons for voting as they did.

It seems to me that both sides think they are right and have entrenched themselves. It has grown to the level of Civil War. Neither side is speaking to the other; families have fallen out; friends have fallen out, there is abuse hurled and even violence.

The politicians, for political gain, are busy throwing petrol on the flames in the hopes of getting elected. It is all political posturing.

Who the hell is trying to bring the country together.

The country voted to leave. It was a binary decision. There was no vote on how we should leave and the margin of the vote was paper-thin. If it had been done the next week it might well have been different.

A few things are clear:

We voted to leave by a narrow margin

There is no mandate for a ‘No Deal’ Brexit (indeed we were told it would be the easiest deal ever)

Half the country have been branded ‘Bad Losers’

Nobody is looking dispassionately at the actuality of leaving

Nobody is looking at ways to heal this rift and mend the country

There has already been damage to the economy and social structure


As a Remainer I would like to see us remain in the EU as I think that is by far the best for the economy and social structure of the country. But we had a vote to leave.

I would like to have a second referendum because I believe we were lied to and now a lot of people have woken up to the immense damage leaving will have on our economy, our relationship with our EU neighbours, collaboration and trade and our world standing. I think the country no longer want to leave.

However, I accept that there is damage to the whole idea of democracy if we do not leave.

At present we are being ruled by a bunch of extremists who are set on the most extreme form of leaving possible.

I would accept a compromise which would meet the democratic mandate from the country and do the least harm to our economy and social structure.

My compromise would be to leave the EU but to remain in the Single Market and Customs Union.

That is not what the extremists on either side want but I believe it is what the majority of the people voted for and want, and would settle for as an intelligent compromise!

Surely now is the time for compromise and a sensible way forward!

We don’t have to have extreme views and winners and losers. We can behave like adults!

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