Life has become unnecessarily confusing.


Life has become unnecessarily confusing.

I must admit that there are times when I am not the most organised of people. But right now I am confused. My telephone has stopped working and my Sky+ has stopped working. They may well be interconnected. I am not sure who to contact.

At one time I got my electricity from the electricity people.

My gas from the gas people.

My house insurance from the house insurer.

My water from the water board.

My internet from the internet people.

TV from Sky. (I know, I know – I’m embarrassed).

Now you shop around and get them from elsewhere through Go Compare sites.

I now get my electricity from some place abroad that sells gas, likewise my gas from the water board and water from the electricity. I can’t even remember who my car and house insurance are with! I’m not sure what will happen if I get a breakdown.

My internet comes from BT – I think – but it could be Sky – I think I changed!

I change so often I can’t keep up. I always think I should keep a central record of who I’m with and when it runs out but I never do!

6 thoughts on “Life has become unnecessarily confusing.

  1. Reasons: You have more devices. More on line business and busyness. Texts, phone calls, messages, emails. Each needs to be answered. Each with its own password. These things take time and tire you out. Advertisements to wade through, more traffic, leaping computer graphics jumping out at you all the time from various TV screens. Wait. Don’t get me started!

      1. My one concern Bumba is that it seems to waste so much of my time. I keep having to change, to ring up and negotiate better deals. It’s a pain.

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