The natural conclusion to our population explosion

Anthropocene Apocalypse – Scenario 1 – The natural conclusion to our population explosion

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Let us look into the future and extrapolate from where we are to where we are heading.

Scenario 1

The premise:

a. The population continues to grow

b. There are no catastrophes that wipe us out

Man is extremely good at solving problems. So let us assume that we negotiate our way through problem after problem. We do not annihilate ourselves through nuclear war or manufactured biological warfare. We do not succumb to a virus. We merely continue to grow in numbers.

These are the consequences:

a. Space and shelter. We need land and housing and our cities, towns and villages grow. The countryside becomes consumed in plastic and concrete. Roads connect and transport systems enable easy access.

b. The Wilderness. The wilderness and natural world become open to us and exploited for farming, mining, logging and habitation until there is no more inaccessible wilderness areas. Roads run through every place.

c. The Wild-life. The wild-life now has no habitat left, no food, shelter or way of living. It is butchered for meat, hunted for ivory or medicine (The rarer it gets, the more it is worth, the higher the price, the more worth the risk). The remnants of the wild things are corralled into parks or zoos and confined, protected and used as objects of tourism. Those considered pests, unpleasant or dangerous are eradicated.

d. Food. Even with all the wilderness opened up for farming, the seas fully harvested and hydroponics, genetic modifications and intensive farming methods there is not sufficient food for the burgeoning population. Food is produced from bacteria and fungus in vast industrial vats (Pruteen, mycoprotein etc. – already produced in large quantities – in our pies, sausages etc.), textured, flavoured and used as a meat substitute. Proper meat is a luxury food item.

e. Water. Water is a dwindling resource and desalination plants provide supplies.

f. Energy. Fossil fuels are replaced by large-scale sustainable technology – probably nuclear fusion supplemented with solar.

g. Weather. The effects of global warming are alleviated. The hurricanes and extreme weather conditions are now able to be controlled.

h. Oxygen. Oxygen is a natural product of photosynthesis. With the destruction of the forests and pollution of the oceans it is no longer being produced in sufficient quantities. Oceans are seeded to produce algal blooms and hydrolysis plants produce oxygen from water.

Our lives in these huge metropolises are highly controlled. Our environment is plastic. Our food, water and even the air we breathe is manufactured. We take our children to see the last remaining trees in the tree museum. We then go to the zoo to get a glimpse of and wonder at the little animals that used to run free in the wild.

It’s a vision of the future. It is quite possible. But is that the way we really want to live? Is that the world we want to pass on to our children?

15 thoughts on “The natural conclusion to our population explosion

  1. Hey Opher ~ Whilst reading this I was put readily in mind of the sci-fi comic 2000A.D and specifically Megacity One: a gargantuan post-nuclear megalopolis covering much of what is now the Eastern United States.

    Should this sci-fi ever become reality, it is not an especially pleasant place to live as a citizen!


    1. No. And in my lifetime I have seen us lurching towards it. Our population is out of control. It has tripled since my birth. Nature is being decimated and has been drastically reduced since I was a child. I see no sign of governments controlling this. Greed and selfishness rules. We are a stupid species laying the seeds of our own suicide!

      I don’t suppose you fancy a read of where I am with Neanderthal?

      1. Hey Opher – As we lurch towards one possible future, that of oblivion, one can only hope hearts and minds wake to thwart our own demise long before technology provides the means to leave Earth en masse and set about destroying perfection elsewhere.

        I’ve responded by email to your question 🙂

        Love and Peace,


      2. There is always hope Dewin. In among the greed and stupidity there are intelligent, caring people. Maybe one day they will hold power and sort the mess out?

      3. Yes there is always hope Opher.

        “Hope” is the thing with feathers –
        That perches in the soul –
        And sings the tune without the words –
        And never stops – at all –
        And sweetest – in the Gale – is heard –
        And sore must be the storm –
        That could abash the little Bird
        That kept so many warm –
        I’ve heard it in the chillest land –
        And on the strangest Sea –
        Yet – never – in Extremity,
        It asked a crumb – of me.
        ‘Hope’ – By – Emily Dickinson

        It will be an monumental week politically. Let’s hope intelligence triumphs over greed and stupidity.


      4. Beautiful poem!
        I fear greed and the lust for power will win this week. I am losing my faith in mankind when I see the Tories with an 11 point lead in the latest poll. Some people are gullible and stupid. Sheeple.
        But none the less I am looking forward to a week of jousting and shenanigans in which blood will be drawn. And I know that in the long run the worm always turns!

      5. Sabres have been rattling for weeks if not months already but this week two tribes will go to war! One hopes such a venomous exchange will not spill onto the streets and metaphorical bloodshed will be contained within the playpen of parliament.

        Polls are never truly reflective of the intentions of the larger electorate. Come the glorious day of a GE, the worm will be triumphant.

        Love and Peace,


      6. I fear the division grows! It will get worse before it gets better! But there are clear things to fight for and I salute triumphant worms of the future!

      7. Don’t believe the hype of the Tory propaganda machine! Listen carefully and in-between the maniacal noise socialist drums are drumming louder and louder. Why even today the FT (inadvertently) devoted a front-page spread to Labour as the party of HOPE and CHANGE.

        Lines have been drawn, tongues sharpened, rapier-like speeches prepared…let the gladiatorial games commence!


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