Poetry – King of the World – a poem

Poetry – King of the World

Sometimes I am frivolous and silly. I had this notion that if we merely banished all the unpleasant words that all those horrible things might simply disappear.

What whimsy.

If only things were that easy.

Even so, if everyone was to get together and elect me king of the world I would be sure to put everything right and sort all the problems out – honest!


When I become King of the world

I shall be absurd.

My first act will be to abolish

Every unpleasant word

(Along with all the concepts

Through which they have occurred).

They shall all be consigned

To the depths of outer space

To be left without a trace.


Top of my list will be guilt

Evil and war,

Followed by torture, greed

And poor.

Then I shall eradicate intolerance

Dishonesty and unfair;

Make everybody cheerful with more words

For happiness and care.

Love, respect and empathy

Shall replace arrogance and hate

So please get all your suggestions in

Before it gets too late.


When I am king of the world

The changes will be quite absurd,

For I am a man of my word.

Hurry please

Time is short.

The election is soon

I am doing all I ought.

There is much to change

I am eager to rearrange

The alphabet

On your marks –

Get set!


OPHER  25.3.00

2 thoughts on “Poetry – King of the World – a poem

  1. Lordy! What a unique perspective and poem! And, buddy, you got MY vote! (Btw, I see the cheeto-orange strumpet has been poisoning YOUR political waters over there now. Good luck! Keep your head above water!) I wonder what WOULD happen if it were illegal to use negative, nasty words…

    1. Hi Cheryl. Nice to hear from you again! What happened to that cruise of yours?
      Yes it is just as mad and toxic politically over here. I’m almost giving up on people. They are so stupid and gullible to be taken in by populist extremists like this. The wheel will turn!

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