Poetry – Surreal – an ode to Dali

Poetry – Surreal – an ode to Dali


I always loved Dali. He was a showman, used car salesman, and an incredible artist. I loved the humour, trickery and expertise. There was always a sparkle in his eye and mischief in the making. You could take nothing on face value. I also adored his imagination, inventiveness and disdain for officialdom. He was a rebel.

Perhaps he did sell out? Perhaps he was arrogant? I’m not so sure. He was an artist and one of my favourites.

I wrote this after visiting Gala’s house in Spain. It was crazy. What a game!


Confuse me with long legged giraffes

Beneath the melting clock

Armed with the Dali Gala

Feed me the nuclear shock

For I will wax my moustache

And cavort with the ants

Within the world of my dreams

That your colours all enhance


Opher 31.12.98

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