Where? – a poem



Where was time

Before the first second?

Where was matter

Before the first atom?

Where was space

When nothing existed?

Where am I?


Opher 24.8.2019



The philosophy of being never ceases to enthral me.

They say the universe began with a big bang. In that instant all time, matter and energy was created.

That is impossible to comprehend.

We find it easier to create gods.

2 thoughts on “Where? – a poem

  1. Yet Opher, many don’t “believe” in Gods because it is an absurd idea not founded on “evidence” but they will “believe” in the big bang NOT based on “evidence”. Formulas are not “evidence” they are just another form of belief.

    However, Tubularsock being God has no time for this!

    Tubularsock is busy creating a NEW world because he fucked up so badly with this one!

    Creation is a tricky business.

    1. Hi Tub, well I would agree with you. The Big Bang is a theory though and not a belief. Although a lot of scientists subscribe to it there is always an element of doubt and a plethora of other theories.
      Good luck with your new world! Can you reserve a place for me? I’m getting pretty pissed off with some of the people I have to share this one with.
      Creation must surely be difficult! I hope you’ve ironed out some of the problems!

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