Books – what they say about you!

Books – what they say about you!

A house without books is the home of a person without a soul.

There is nothing more mind expanding than a book; nothing can transport you, move you, educate you, develop your empathy, understanding and widen your scope as a book.

I loved books from the moment my mother read to me. I loved reading and devoured everything Enid Blyton and W E Johns had written before I was ten.

It wasn’t until I reached the age of eighteen that my girlfriend got me off the Alistair Maclean and Hammond Innes into reading real writers. It was as if a floodgate had been opened and I devoured them. I love science fiction because of the worlds of possibility it opens up. There are no barriers.

I read books for different reasons. Some are merely entertaining, some educational, some intriguing and some expanding. It depends on my mood.

The books you own and treasure tell the story of who you are. When you go in a person’s house you only need to browse their book shelves and record collection to know everything about them.

Books reflect your personality and also help form it.

Crap in – crap out.

Diamonds in – improvement out.

Beware – your books are who you are! They tell the story.

The books I’ve written are insights into my inner world; they are mirrors.

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