Poetry – connections – a bit of fun

Poetry – connections – a bit of fun

I had fun writing this one, playing with well known sayings and not so well known, except to those in the know and yes.
Words have many meanings and saying become cliché with good intentions.
What is a poem? What are the prose and cons?


An elephant never forgets me not
In the wood
Alcohol must not be served to minors

Lest we forget me nots
In the rope a dope fiend

Lest we forget back to back to reality
Is for people who can’t handle drugs
Kill for peace a chance
Encounter of the third
Kindness is a virtual reality
Is for…….

The acid test centre of the world
War two times table mountain
Goat’s head super charged particle

Every dog has his day break wind in the sails
Every picture tells a story time has no end

Only the lonely as a cloud on high
The all seeing eye wonder why

Life is too short to fall out out damn spot
Of trouble in mind the step ladders in stockings

Life is too short bread and butter
Side up the united front ear ache!

Opher 6.12.00

2 thoughts on “Poetry – connections – a bit of fun

  1. Wonderful Opher. Love it! From 2000?
    Will read it again and study it carefully. There’s the prose and conservatives (or conservation if you prefer.

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