What is happening to America???

My times living in America were all good. Most of the people I had the pleasure of meeting, working with or interacting with were friendly, generous and pleasant. 

Times appear to have changed.

America does feel to me like a rampant capitalist experiment that is going badly wrong. It is run and controlled by a tiny elite of super-rich who bribe, control and run the place for their own benefit. The wealth is hence concentrated in a small elite who control the media and minds.

It is similar but not as bad in the UK. We have a more benevolent society with less extremes. We take care of our poor and needy a bit better and have less extremes of wealth and less violence. Though we do appear, under these capitalist Tories, to be heading the same way.

What is quite clear is that things appear to have become more divided since I was last there in America – more tribal and much more extreme. Nobody is listening to anyone outside their box and abuse is rife. It feels heated.
Any talk about addressing the gaping wound of inequality is seen as unAmerican or socialist – and socialism is immediately equated with totalitarianism and communism. McCarthy did a good job!

12 thoughts on “What is happening to America???

  1. The US is in a mess unlike I have ever seen. No one is in control and the powers that be are sitting on their money just waiting for the storm to blow over. This will end badly because there is no plan. I feel that China is becoming the moral leader and they have a plan for China and the world. The US is an isolationist mess!. GROG

    1. It certainly feels like that from over here. But then we’re not in too good a state either.
      I hope it will sort itself out when Brexit is over and Trump is gone.

      1. I never could understand why Brexit. And I cannot understand the insanity of the tRump supporters. How do you feel about China’s BRI, connecting Europe, Asia and Africa? GROG

      2. Gog – I think both those phenomena are based on fear and threat. In my opinion populists like Trump and Farage fed off fear of Muslims and immigrants, harnessed nationalism and patriotism and stoked up division with lies and exaggerations. They had a whole network spewing out lies. People who were suffering under the austerity created by globalism and AI, exacerbated by a system that funnels wealth to the top creating massive inequality, had scapegoats.
        I think China has been playing a quiet and canny game. It already has established huge investment and infrastructure in Africa and around the world. It is busy stealthily laying a foundation and making countries dependent on it. The Belt and Road is merely a continuation of that policy in a more overt fashion. China is establishing itself as the foremost economy in the world. With economic power comes all other power.

      3. The world seems to have gone mad! China, now #2, soon to be #1. The US will have a tough time accepting that, but have an even harder time accepting #3 when India becomes #2! China has a plan, a comprehensive plan. The US has no plan.

      4. Grog – yes – I think China has been quietly laying down the foundations for a long time. They are going to dominate. I think their main advantage is stability. They don’t have the chaos of these democratic elections and constant changes of direction coupled with lack of long-term planning. Nobody in the West is looking ahead 50 years. They do in China.
        India is also a dark horse. It seems to be getting to grips with its overpopulation and poverty. Once it has done that it’ll be a force to reckon with.

      5. The next few years will be very interesting. In the past the isolation of the Americas had some advantages, but not these days. The US is being weighted down by its armor.

      6. Our only real hope is education to free us from the shackles of supernatural beliefs. This is a bad omen for the US, which is a young hick country where intellect is a bad word. I feel that China is going to have major impact. I wonder where Russia and Japan will fit in. GROG

      7. Grog – yes I believe you are right. Education is the only answer and America certainly does not value education. They simply buy in their brains from outside. That works while they have the cash but when they start falling behind it will cease to be a good strategy.
        My experience of America is that it is ridden with superstitious religion of the worst type. The education system does nothing to dispel that. Some States stupidly allow creationism. When I taught evolution there in California I had to give 50% of the time to creation and I had parents sitting in my class grim-faced with timers.
        I think the world is turning. China is going to be the major power. Russia? Japan? Not so sure.

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