A Way of Life – a poem

A Way of Life

Minarets and loud speakers
Dispense the call to prayer.
Imams and korans
Instruct on what to wear.

Incorporated into culture
Becoming a way of life,
Force of habit,
Passed along amid the daily strife.

Headscarves and few laughs
Customs and practice,
Prostrations and genuflections,
Actors and actresses.

Opher – 20.3.2019

All too prescriptive for me. It looked like mass conformity and a loss of identity.
The emphasis is on getting to some future paradise.
Not for me.
I do not believe in any god that acts that way, any after-life. This life is good enough for me.
Religion is too stifling and reductive. I want more truth than that offers.

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