Poetry – Infinity 10 – A pebble into the void


By popular demand – from Anna and Cheryl – another pebble into the emptiness of the void. A young man’s attempt to wrestle with the eternal questions that reside in the pit of forever, the emptiness of nothing and the length of a piece of string.

I had the time, energy and enthusiasm to wrestle with the substance of infinity when I was twenty. I wasn’t this cynical misery I now am. I thought I could make gold out of iron and divine the meaning of the universe.

These infinity poems were my revelations.

Nirvana or bust!

Infinity 10 – A pebble into the void

I am concentration surpassed

I am the rising and falling of insight

I am the hallucination of form

I am a fantasy of splendour

No thoughts do I possess.

I am the feeling that the poet knows

I am the strength of the warriors arm

I am the beauty of a summer’s day

I am the trinity of power

What you have of me I gave

I am the power of the circle

I am the pentagon’s mystery

I am the triangle’s meaning

I am the alphabet’s cause

But mine is no letter or number

Opher 1973

5 thoughts on “Poetry – Infinity 10 – A pebble into the void

  1. Thank you for that, please please do not stop. I read your words and they transport me, I never knew what it was like to be free and the words of yours make me feel young and what it must have been like to be free spirit. Keep going if you can Opher.

  2. At least you were thinking in a positive direction. I’ve always been such a melancholy person I get depressed reading what I wrote during my high school and college days… (rolls eyes…)

    1. I was very positive! It was a happy, enthusiastic time – full of growth, wonder and the belief that anything was possible! Cheers Cheryl

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