Rock Album Recommendations – Nick Harper – Light At The End Of the Kennel

537 Essential Rock Albums cover

This was number 38 on my list of essential albums.

Nick Harper – Light at the End of the Kennel
Nick is Roy’s son but he is his own man. As a musician, songwriter and singer he is totally different.

Nick is probably the best acoustic guitarist I have ever seen. This was his first album and it is a beauty. It is sparse and cut back just the way I like it. It shows off Nick’s skill, the beauty of the songs and the great lyrics to perfection.

There is intelligence and humour built into these songs.

Nick is a remarkable performer and deserves to be much more greatly recognised than he is. His day will come and this album will be recognised for the genius that went into producing it.

Just listen to ‘A hundred things’ it sings itself. The message is so positive. That guitar with its bending strings. Or ‘Is this really me?’ with its delicate beauty. It all sounds so effortless. ‘Shadowlands’ is another gem. The voice soars, guitar with those crisp chords, delicate runs, chasing around and augmenting the delicacy. This is a rare choux pastry to savour. Then there is ‘Flying dog’ with its incredible finger picking and optimism; ‘Headless’ – a beautiful song of love, a love that puts everything in perspective. The album ends with ‘Riverside’ a haunting instrumental.

The skill of the playing is breath-taking; the song-writing masterly and the end result as beautiful an album as you would ever wish to listen to.

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