A Passion for Education – The Story of a Headteacher – My book on education from the inside!

This is not just a book for teachers. It tells the story of how I developed my education philosophy with anecdotes from my own education as illustration. It tells the story of how to educate and in what way and is a fascinating tale of what it is like behind the scenes.

I was the Headteacher of a British Secondary Comprehensive School. My philosophy created a school where there was happiness, fun and high achievement. We achieved three consecutive Outstanding Ofsted Inspections.

Find out how.

‘In this autobiographical account of his life as Head Teacher of Beverley Grammar School, Chris takes us through many of the failings of the post-war education system to the much superior, more flexible teaching of the twenty-first century. Along the way, he enthuses about rock music, leadership vs management, and – particularly – the kids. If you can make every lesson fun, every child feel cared for, and every staff member nurtured, attendance and results will pretty much look after themselves. You can pass every Ofsted inspection with flying colours, and your school can become best in class (no pun intended).

I was at college with Chris, and it didn’t seem to me then that he was destined to be a head teacher of a secondary school – a music critic, more like. He has done education a great service by showing you can be a rebel and get results too. I hadn’t expected to enjoy this book as much as I did; it has extraordinary energy and a lust for achievement. Every teacher should read it! 8/10 (October 2014).’

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  1. Passion seems to be a word lost these days in the education factory world. Will definitely read this or download when I can. I have been trying to work with a Quaker group on Quaker Values in Education. I will try and give the group a link to your book.

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    Education is the big hope for the world! It is imperative that it is focussing on the whole child to bring out all their talents, skills and develop them as caring human beings.

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