Ofsted – The horrendous truth!! They are not fit for purpose!!


Inspections are essential.

Inspections were crucial in raising standards in schools.

Ofsted is not fit for purpose! It needs replacing!

Ofsted has been used to promote government dogma!

Ofsted have passed their sell-by date and are not fit for purpose!!

Today 1200 inspectors were sacked because they were below standard. They were not good enough!!

That is terrible!!

40% of all inspectors were not good enough.

What does that mean?

I’ll tell you. Ofsted wade into schools and turn them over. A poor Ofsted report can close a school. The reputation goes down the sewer. The Headteacher and Senior Team can be sacked, students leave and so numbers and funding drop, teachers are made redundant. It spirals down into the abyss. It can be forced to become an academy. The governors are replaced. The school is stigmatised. The school can even be closed.

A school can go from flourishing to dismal on the basis of one poor report.

Now we find that 40% of the inspectors are incompetent. That means that nearly half of the schools in this country have been wrongly judged.

That means that people have lost their jobs, been put through hoops and driven mad, and students’ education has been badly affected, on false judgements.

That is appalling but it is only in line with what we have observed over time.

The truth is that Ofsted inspections are a lottery!! The government is playing politics with teachers’ lives and children’s’ futures.

Ofsted has failed. We need something a lot better.

Instead of the fear-stricken, judgemental gestapo coming into schools like storm-troopers, pushing government dogma, we need an inspection system that is there to work with schools in a less invasive manner to promote improvement. The people to do this are the Local Authorities.

The public can have no faith in Ofsted Inspections and their judgements are too limited and politically motivated.

DO AWAY WITH FAILING OFSTED!!!!  Replace it with something better!!!

We need to value the whole child – not just knowledge-bound exam results.

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