Communism – ‘Extract from the book I am currently working on – ’53 and imploding’


The dictionary doesn’t give you a lot of words to describe a Communist. It informs me that it is someone who believes in a commune; someone who aspires to a society in which all people are equal. I could go along with that. I like equality as long as it does not equate with sameness. I am not a same person. Some people would substitute that m for an n. But they would be entirely wrong wouldn’t they? I used to dream of living in a commune with a group of my friends. Having the luxury of space for yourself coupled with companionship and stimulation. I imagined it being a loving experience of sharing and the ideal way to live. That shows what a true romantic I am at heart.

If you were to get into the head of a communist I think you would find someone who believed in equality, fairness and justice without prejudice or discrimination. I don’t know what McCarthy was getting in such a state about?