Photography – Jordan – the incredible Caravanserai and the Roman city at Jerash.

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Mosaics of a map of the region

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The most amazing caravanserai

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Inside the caravanserai were amazing frescos. Many of them had been defaced by Muslims who had thrown rocks at the images. It is not allowed to depict faces and people in Islam. They are considered idolatry.

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These were the incredible Roman ruins at Jerash.

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Views over the city

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A view of the countryside around

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5 thoughts on “Photography – Jordan – the incredible Caravanserai and the Roman city at Jerash.

    1. It was great and the people were very friendly. Travelling to those places seems to get harder by the minute with all the trouble, war and hatred. It was a very different and beautiful place.

  1. At one of the temples in Jerash [up thru the straight ancient drained Roman Shopping Street , turn left up a hill above the Ampitheatre] one of the enormous stone pillars has been rocking backwards and forwrds for thousands of years and will crush a coin if you don’t want to stick your finger in the moving gap! Amazing place! It’s on The Internet.Petra was obviously one of the highlights also! x

    1. I loved the place and would have liked to spend more time wandering around. There was so much to see and think about. It was so picturesque and interesting. The history is amazing.
      Thanks for you input.

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