An ex Headteacher’s View – Free School’s – A complete waste of money, political gimmick and an anathema to integration.

What is wrong with these idiot politicians?

Instead of fixing things they introduce bribes in order to buy votes. passion for education

Free schools are the stupidest idea yet. The Tories seem to like stupid ideas.But Free Schools take the biscuit – they do four extremely stupid things:

a. They increase the number of Faith Schools – promoting the brain-washing of our children (The various religions, creationists and the like can’t wait to get their hands on our kids) and creating further segregation that feeds the sort of extremism we are seeing with ISIS. Do we really want to have isolated communities? Do we want ghettos of different religions and cultures? Do we want them maintaining different values? Or do we want an integrated community with variety, respect and shared British values?

b. They panda to parents in areas where schools are being closed because of falling numbers. It is not economic sense to keep schools open at huge cost. I thought these were times of austerity? This is an expensive bribe to buy votes! The Local Authorities know what is viable and what isn’t. These decisions are never popular.

c. They are sucking funding out of other schools. At a time when all schools are suffering with huge cuts this is insane.

d. Free schools run on different standards. They do not even have to have trained teachers! If Ofsted and the stringent teaching rules are so necessary for our State Schools why aren’t they needed here?

INSANITY on many fronts. When are we going to get intelligence being applied. I’m sick of political dogma!

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