Anthropocene Apocalypse – The gorilla.


Gorilla 1


These are gorillas. They come from the same place as us – Africa. They are primates who share 98.4% of their genes with us. After the chimpanzee they are our closest relatives. We shared a common ancestor as little as seven million years ago. That’s recent by evolutionary standards

Take a good look because it is probably, outside a zoo, the only chance you’ll get to see one. They are being decimated by ebola, their habitat is being destroyed and they are butchered by humans for meat. That is pretty close to cannibalism.

There are only 880 mountain gorillas left. That does not seem a large number compared to 8 Billion humans. Surely we can leave a little room for the rest of wild-life? Do we really need to take it all?

We need to restrict ourselves to 50% of the available space and limit our numbers. If we do not we will destroy it all.

You might not want to see this. It is gruesome. This is what human beings are doing to gorillas right now.

butchered gorillagallery_78_24_125874

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