We’re seemingly not all in it together!


The top one per cent of Britain’s wealthiest now take 14% of the national income.

That is a figure that has tripled in the last fourteen years.

The system works to make the rich richer and more powerful.

Public servants suffer pay cuts, have pensions slashed, workload increased, conditions worsened, hours lengthened, years of work extended. The work harder and longer for less.

Those at the bottom are on subsistence pay, no contracts, part-time work and no guarantees.

At the same time the bankers and bosses receive pay hikes, increased bonuses and a much bigger slice of the cake. Because they obviously deserve it!

The system services the elite.

Austerity? Try telling that to the people at the top!

You judge a society on the way it treats its members. This is an increasingly unjust society.

It is my belief that unless we make this society fairer the disadvantaged who have no future will take the law into their own hands. We have seen the rioting four years ago. I suspect we will see it again.