Owen Jones – The Establishment and how they get away with it -review


Owen Jones came to my attention when I heard this articulate young man talking such sense on the radio. He’d released a book called ‘Chavs’ which I have not yet read. But I will. I will soon!

I have just started reading Owen Jones’ book called ‘The Establishment and how they get away with it’ and am instantly smitten.

I have only read the introduction but it summarises all those things we know about the sinister mechanisms by which this country and the world is governed.

There is nothing in what I have read that I did not know but by putting it so eloquently and succinctly into focus it produces a chilling indictment of the way we are being ruled, directed and manipulated. The way the politicians, businessmen, media, police, bankers and aristocracy interact to facilitate mechanisms to ensure their own wealth and power at the expense of ordinary people is already stark and I have not even got into the body of the book.

This is the sort of book that sparks revolutions.

I’ll keep you posted.