The Corona Diaries – Day 224

I have just received my supply of German beer. That should tide me over for a few days of lockdown!

I walked up my hill today and the sun shone on me. The trees were bare. The wind blew and I walked through mounds of soggy decaying leaves. How quickly things change.

I returned home played some Leon Rosselson to cheer myself up and started work on my book. It’s going well but slowly.

Back in Coronaland we are heading for a month-long lockdown – but, foolishly, we are allowing schools to stay open (which will spread the virus and prolong the lockdown.

Once again the clown has dithered. It has been reported that his first set of dithering has resulted in thousands of deaths and job losses.

This time he has dithered again. If he had acted quickly and had a two-week circuit-break over the school half term. He could have taken out schools too and they would only have lost five days of school.

As Starmer says – ‘He has overpromised and underdelivered’. That’s putting it mildly.

He’s killed a lot of people due to his incompetence!! He’s put a lot of people out of work and he’s damaged the economy. The man’s a jerk.

a tiered system would have worked if:
1. the tiers made sense and were designed to be effective rather than cosmetic.
2. if they explained their thinking to the people
3. If the people accepted their reasoning
4. If it was based on sound science
5. If it was properly enforced
6. If it was backed up with an effective track and trace

Unfortunately, we have an incompetent clown who can’t deliver any of it!!

Test and Trace continues to be poor and we are now doing worse than Brazil – and that takes some doing!

In the UK we are up to 23,254 new cases yesterday with 162 deaths

In Brazil it was 10,100 new cases with 190 deaths.

In the USA Trump is doing his best to make it worse by holding mass rallies without social distancing or masks. The man doesn’t care how many he kills. He just wants to be elected at any cost. The new cases were at 74,236 cases yesterday with another 427 deaths. He’s buying votes with bodies.

In Vietnam there were no new cases and no deaths. In New Zealand 4 new cases and no deaths.

Send for the CLOWNS!!!!

Stay safe!