Priti Patel – She slams the door behind her!

Chris Riddell – a genius. Priti Patel – just nasty.

Priti Patel – The Evil Face of Brexit

There is irony all over this!! Priti Patel, herself the daughter of immigrants, is the most nasty piece of work building on Theresa May’s Hostile Environment.

The epitome of Brexit with is racist, xenophobic zeal, lacking all compassion, like a modern-day caricature of Enoch Powell, she wants immigrants locked up, punished, treated like criminals and callously shoved back into the sea.

It’s lucky she wasn’t in charge when Emma Raducanu’s parents immigrated into the country.

The Liar, the Witch and the Wardrobe – Chris Riddell

What does she have on Johnson that she can break the ministerial code so often and not be sacked?

What are they dragging the country into? Looks like an extreme right-wing nightmare to me! They are bringing in some horrendous restrictive policies with draconian penalties. We won’t be able to protest, criticise or blog.

Is this what extreme right-wing freedom looks like? It’s verging on fascism.

This is Trump in action. Who would have believed that they could get away with it??

Leadership, racism and woke culture.

When our leadership behaves disgustingly, encouraging racist attitudes with language such as ‘picaninnies, water-melon smiles, letter boxes’, encouraging booing of England players or calling their taking the knee against racism ‘gesture politics’, it is no wonder that the yobs and racists crawl out from under their rocks to cause trouble.

As Gareth Southgate says – ‘It comes from the top!’.

The populist message from this bunch of swaggering Brexiteering Tories is one of division, racism, xenophobia and rampant nationalism.

This is not the Tory Party of old. This bunch of ERG extremists have lurched over to take the ground from the old National Front and British Movement.

Even Anna Soubry, a former Tory Minister, says that this Johnson Party is unrecognisable and is really the Brexit Party now; that they base their approach on Trump and populism. Her Newsnight appearance summed it up.

Johnson and the ERG are a thorough disgrace!

They hypocritically stir up racism and then pretend to condemn it!

But these yobs are really the very people they are appealing to, inciting and empowering.

That you John Peachey and Ben Jennings.