Poetry – Nazca Nine – a poem for Rich’s band from yore with their psychedelic poetry from Peru’s mysteries.

The Nazca lines on the plains of Peru are a mystery. Climate change threatened the lives of the people. Their response was to produce elaborate markings in the deserts to placate the gods.

Like all superstition it didn’t work. The plains are a desert. There were no gods to placate. Perhaps they should have constructed reservoirs?

Nazca Nine were a psychedelic poetry band. It started up when Astral Andy met up with Rich Duffy to put his great poems to music.

This was written after one night peering through the dense smoke from the smoke machines at the four figures mistily looming on stage as the hypnotic music weaved around the words. The band sometimes expanded to five and then broke up. While it was going it produced some scintillating sounds.

Great stuff.

Nazca Nine

Silhouetted in the fog

By the spinning rays

Poetry and magic

Within a stone-age masquerade

A lone candle lights

The way to the trees

Driven by the ebb and flow

Of a million crashing seas

Nazca nine is four

But sometimes it is five

Beating out the rhythms

Of the swirling cosmic jive


Opher 31.12.98