Mountains, peaks and glens, mist, lochs, orchids and frogs – Bonnie Scotland – photos

Climbing up mountains can be a little tiring. It’s good to get down to a seaside town for a beer! But the views!!!!

China – a little rural town in among the mountains – photos.

It was fascinating to walk around in a little rural town away from the hustle and bustle of the cities. It did not look as if too much had changed here over the years but I suppose it had. There was an element of catering for tourists.

The Majestic Wonder of the Scottish Highlands – mountains, waterfalls and trees.

I think we were lucky. The sun shone on us. The verdant mountains loomed, birds sang, brooks babbled and waterfalls fell like silken threads. Nature put on a parade just for our benefit. It was regaled in its finest.

The highlands were most welcoming. The pubs were full of musicians who welcomed people joining in. The ale flowed. The voices rang out. It was very merry.