Poetry – Victims of Greed

Victims of Greed

Acid skies and fermented seas,

Arid lands and drowned trees,

Whirling fury and the great freeze!

Millions of ears all deaf to pleas!

Etched away by dollar signs;

Sacrificed to grand designs.

Concrete piles in straight lines –

Plastic world – multitudes of crimes.

Bewildered beasts stumble in black smoke

Seeking refuge from hot winds that choke,

The carcinogenic rain in which they soak

And machete madness for their last stroke.

Majestic giants are toppled to earth,

Felled to the ground though so thick of girth,

Axed to death for all they are worth,

Victims of a plethora of births.

Opher – 1.1.2016

Victims of Greed

The big corporate capitalist machine goes forth in search of profit. Buying land to mine and fell and trinkets to sell. There is no law, rule or restriction that can withstand the power of the dollar or the lawyers command.

Armies of brains are deployed, politicians bribed, media purchased and opinions bought.

Sold down the river.

Fed with mindless popular culture entertainment until narcotised and catatonic.

The forests ripped and burnt. The air full of smoke. The wild-life butchered. Nature abused and raped.

Money made.


A tiny few prosper from death, war, destruction, poverty and the devastation of the planet – making a tidy packet out of misery.

Trees topple as the future is sold.

Who profits from war?

Who profits from poverty?

Who profits from ecological disaster?

Who profits from killing the wild-life?

Who runs the big non-tax paying multinationals?

How is it cheaper to employ an army of lawyers than obey laws?

In whose interest is all this misery and destruction?

Who runs the show?

What will our grandchildren inherit?

Is this the world you want to live in?