Happy Spring to Everyone!!

The Spring equinox was celebrated with a special fertility festival with much fun, frolics and cavorting – and I imagine quite a lot of ‘fertility’.

It was the celebration of light over darkness. The sun was returning. The land was blossoming. Creatures were coming out of hibernation. Birds were returning from migration and beginning to nest. It was the rebirth of nature.

Back in time humans were very close to nature. We felt part of it. We were involved in it and dependent on it.

Spring was time to celebrate, to give thanks for the rebirth of the land. It was miraculous.

This rebirth was associated with eggs – the nascent life. It would hatch into new life – the birth of the world  – the great resurrection of the land.

Something to give thanks for.


May the Long Time Sun Shine Upon You

All love surround you

And the pure light within you

Guide your way on.