Poetry – No War has ever been won

No War has ever been won

No war has ever been won.

We always count the casualties.

It always resounds down the centuries.

No war can ever be won.

We all lose when we start.

The billions we spend on guns

Is taken from a range of funds.

No war is ever won.

When we turn to war

We traumatise so many.

Winners? There are not any.

You can never win a war.

No war has ever been won.

We count the cost in hate;

Minds broken on winds of fate.

For no war can ever be won.

When that is what we choose

We all lose.

Opher 23.10.2019

Every war resonates down the centuries – hatreds are stoked for centuries. We’re still fighting the First World War, the Battle of the Boyne and all the rest.

They are never forgotten.

The winners are scarred. The losers are scarred.

We are all the poorer. The traumatised, with their PTSD, clog up our streets, our hospitals and our mental homes. The anger, violence and hatred resound through our communities.

Nobody ever wins a war.