Words, much bragging, lies, promises, sleight of hand – He calls it a Budget!

According to the Tories everything is rosy, they’ve put in more money than anyone else, we are better off than all the other countries – stop bleating!

Then how come everything is broken, the economy has tanked and we’re all in the shit?

You can always tell when a Tory is telling lies – you can see their lips move!

8 thoughts on “Words, much bragging, lies, promises, sleight of hand – He calls it a Budget!

  1. I like to say that my so-called “democratic representative” goes by the name of Jeremy C. In establishment company, C stands for Chancellor. In human company, it rhymes with his surname.

      1. I have a friend who is unlucky enough to be “represented” by Michael Gove. We have had several friendly arguments about which of us is worse off. But when Jeremy C. was promoted to Chief Thief, I won our argument hands down.

      2. I don’t know. Gove is the most odious golem in politics and I’ll never forgive him for ruining education. His wrecking was the work of a mindless vandal. They make a fine pair of scumbags.

      3. Golem? Careful, Opher, the thought police are watching. You’ll be being accused of anti-Semitism next. But what I can never forgive Gove for is meeting Extinction Rebellion, and being so chummy with them.

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