Roy Harper – McGoohan’s Blues – the final part

One of the greatest songs ever written.

Opher's World

The final part of the song was different, pacier, less strident.

Leaving behind the nightmare of the society we have created for ourselves, the prison of work and stress there was the beauty of nature.

Under the toadstool lover down by the dream
Everything flowing over rainbows downstream
Silver the turning water flying away
I’ll come to see you sooner I’m on my way

I’m on my way too.

And there’s a mirror that I’m looking straight through
And I get it
And there’s a doorway that I’m ducking into
To forget it
But flashing just beyond the sky the shattering midnight gathers
And reminding me behind my mind the earth quakes the sun flakes flutter

The reality of what we’ve become is frightening. Up ahead forever beckons and we’ll leave this dream behind. That darkness is forever gathering.


Over the mountain fairground
Candy flies stay
Under the moonshine…

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