Spreading faster than the virus

Spreading faster than the virus

It’s surging through the cities

At a billion miles an hour

Growing exponentially

Turning ideas sour.

It’s spreading across the airwaves

At the speed of light

Turning brains to mush

Causing many a fight.

It’s tearing through families

Ripping them apart

Tearing at the jugular

Ripping out the heart.

Where it originates

Is greatly disputed

But nobody has yet invented

The cure for stupid!


You would think that people would see through the rabid tabloid propaganda. You think that the bubble of lies and conspiracy would burst. You would think that people would see the blatant profiteering. You would think people could see when our leaders are incompetent, lying fools.

But no.

What a good job Trump, Bolsonaro and Johnson have done.

Nobody could have done better.

Death-rates, cronyism, exploitation, hypocrisy and lies – self-serving arrogance.

It counts for nothing.

People suck it in.

There is just no accounting for stupid!

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