The Apes are in charge

The Apes are in charge

The apes are trying to run the show

Pretending to be clever.

Building bombs and fortresses

And messing with the weather.

They’re spending more on tanks and guns

Than they do on education.

Fighting wars and squabbling

With tribes from different nations.

Instead of being responsible

And living life to the full.

They’re creating hate and fear

And building many a wall.

When it comes to common sense

They really haven’t any.

Full of greed and selfishness

They fight for every penny.

They’re swarming over the planet

Wrecking everything in sight.

Instead of living in harmony

Nature’s a building site!

The apes need less arrogance.

They are not superior.

They share a planet with other life –

None of them inferior!

Opher 23.2.2021

What a mess we apes are making? We are so flawed.

This planet is a wonderland and we are converting it into battlegrounds, polluted waste, sterile fields and concrete wastelands.

Why can’t we learn to value the wondrous life that shares the planet with us and learn to get along with each other?

It’s not that hard, is it?

Why do some of us need to have so much?

Why do most of us have so little?

Why do we have to fight?

Why can’t we control our numbers?

For intelligent apes we are remarkably stupid.

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