Poetry – The Conspiracy Boogie

The Conspiracy Boogie

Joe’s got an earpiece and the world is flat.

Joe’s on drugs – what you think about that?

Don’s fighting a secret war against the deep state

If he doesn’t win it’ll seal our fate!

Nine Eleven was a CIA plot.

There’s a communist insurgency that’s really hot.

The holocaust was just fake news.

More propaganda from the Jews.

The UN wants to control the whole world.

And the WHO has completely failed.

The Dems want to take out guns from us!

They’ll do it too if we don’t make a fuss.

Trump’s a genius that’s why he’s a billionaire.

He’s clever, he avoids taxes – and we don’t care.

We never landed on the moon.

It was all Hollywood – filmed in June.

Covid-19 comes out a Chinese lab.

It was also caused by 5G, put that on their tab.

Hitler was a socialist, fascism is a leftist thing

The right is right about everything.

Evolution is a communist lie.

We all go to heaven when we die.

The Democrats and Hollywood have a paedophile ring.

They eat babies while doing their satanic thing.

Obama wasn’t a true American

He was an African man.

Antifa and all this George Floyd stuff.

A bunch of vandals – and we’ve had enough.

The whole of the media spews out fake news.

You have to check the internet to get the right views.

If we drain the swamp we can save the day

And stop the evil lefties from getting their way.

Immigrants are rapists and drug pushers too.

We need a wall to stop them coming through.

Trump is the saviour of the American way.

We’ll vote for him come what may!

They’re stealing the election with their fraudulent votes!

We’ll take to the streets and rip out their throats!

Opher – 1.10.2020

I’m sick to death with this constant stream of conspiracy garbage being cooked up by Trump and broadcast by right-wing propaganda sites. It is obscene.

The whole bunch of garbage is so preposterous that it defies all rational thought.

If there is anything that can be considered as ‘The Deep State’ – a conspiracy of billionaires – then Trump is in it up to his neck.

The irony is that the person spewing all this rubbish is the prime candidate!

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