Poetry – Source of the chaos

Source of the chaos

Searching for the source of chaos

Is not a difficult task.

Look who’s sowing division

In his KKK mask.

Look who sacks anybody

Who disagrees with him.

Look who sulks petulantly,

Perpetually looks grim.

The harbinger of chaos

Can’t even read a book.

Is ignorant of science

And is nothing but a crook.

He won’t show us his tax returns

Or his Russian connections.

All he’s got inside his head

Is winning the elections.

He loves to have the power

And craves more wealth.

The only person he loves

Is the image of himself.

He’ll stir up the rioting

And condone the killers.

With snout in the trough

With all the other swillers.

The source of all the chaos

Is hiding in plain sight.

Pretending to have solutions

But never getting it right.

He feeds his loyal base

With cynical concessions.

While sneering at their loyalty

And feeding their obsessions.

The master of fake news

And conspiracy theory.

Tweeting long into the night

When other eyes are bleary.

Out on the golf course

In the midst of emergency.

Calling hoax, misinforming;

Not understanding urgency.

He does not care about people.

Has no ounce of compassion.

He’ll do anything for a vote.

The truth is on ration.

The architect of chaos

Is serving up the blame.

Passing the buck

Without an ounce of shame.

Opher – 3.9.2020

Trump has been actively inciting and dividing, lying and cheating, all his life. He thinks that’s the only way. He thinks that is what is meant by doing business.

He presents himself as something he isn’t – a successful businessman, a friend to the poor.

The gullible fall for it. They believe he’s fighting the alien lizards! That’s it, those lizards live out on the golf course!

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