Nails in the Coffin of the UK!

Lies on Brexit!

A terrible Brexit Deal.

Extreme Nationalist Populists take over the Tory Party.

An incompetent lying Clown is made Prime Minister.

A loss of trade.

Terrible Covid response – unprepared, too late, too early, panic and illegal tendering. Tens of thousands of needless deaths.


Controlling the media.

Suppressing protest.

Pumping out propaganda.

Lying about care.

Decimation of public services.

Raising taxes.

Raising National Insurance.

Cost of living crisis.

Rising prices.

Energy crisis.

Fuel prices.

Failure to lead.

Hammering the poor – food banks and poverty.

More lying.

Partygate lies and arrogance.

Sleaze and corruption.

Illegal tendering.

Illegal lobbying.

Cash for meetings.

Cash for tennis.

Russian donors.

Russian Peerage.

Cash for honours.

Second jobs scandal.

Billions wasted on useless app and Track and Trace (£37 billion!)

Donors – wallpaper, holidays, banquets, wine……….

Revolving door.


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