The Corona Diaries – Day 763

Fabulous day in Yorkshire. We went for a long walk through the dales (Horse Dale, Harper Dale and Holm Dale) to Huggate for a nice pub meal and pint. Sat out in the sunshine under blue skies!! Could just do with six months of this to recharge the batteries! I don’t like the cold!!

Meanwhile, out in Coronaland, our invisible clown has kept his head down for weeks and thinks that everything has magically disappeared. Partygate is a thing of the past. Russiangate never got off the ground. He might be in for a bit of a shock. The MET is widening it’s investigation. It seems they think that there has been some lying.

I know! Hard to believe!! Tories lying. Johnson lying. Who would possibly have thought it?

It is quite likely that Johnson might find himself the first PM in history to be hauled in for formal questioning for criminal acts. That’d be a first. Then he could find himself fined and with a criminal conviction. He could even be done for lying to the police!!!

This whole business might blow up in his face – not only the MET police action but then Sue Gray report and I bet all the Russian connections and donations will come back up. Partying all night with Lebedev and giving him a peerage against the advice of the Home Office.

This could and should blow up big time!!

Rees-Mogg comes out with his usual crap that it is trivial. Trivial it isn’t. When a Prime Minister cannot be trusted and has deliberately lied to the public and the House that is serious stuff. We have to have a leader we can trust. This dishevelled clown has a long long history of making things up and lying. It’s in his DNA. In a time of war, when we are being threatened with nuclear annihilation we need a leader we can trust. I wouldn’t trust Johnson to serve fish and chips at Greasy Joes’s. He’d be more greasy than the chips!

We’ll see.

It makes me feel ashamed to see this lying chancer looking like a lost tramp at the NATO meeting representing us. He’d look more at home at a hobo convention. It’s unbelievable, his clothes must cost a fortune yet he looks a complete shambling wreck like a down-and-out who’s been dragged through a hundred mean hedges.

As for Global Britain – what a joke! We’re now the global laughing stock!

I had to laugh!! What were we promised after Brexit? – Fabulous deals with the rest of the world!! What have we got two years later?? – Lousy deals with hardly anyone!! They were crowing today about a fabulous deal with Morrocco!! Morrocco – I mean, hardly the global supernation, hardly what we were promised!!

It’s been lies and crap from beginning to end!! All talk!! World-beating lies!! Oven-ready shyte!!

Nothing the guy has promised has worked. If the NHS hadn’t come through with vaccination his goose would have been cooked long ago!

Let’s just hope that NATO doesn’t allow him anywhere near Putin. He’d do a Nazanine and have us all fried in a nuclear holocaust.

Speaking of which – Putin is having his arse kicked!! He’s got a new cunning plan and it’s not running over his Generals with tanks – he lets his soldiers do that – but it might catch on! I can see the Generals all trussed up on Red Square and Putin riding over them in one of his tanks – if he still has any and if he can find one working.

His plan is to withdraw and pretend that he was only going for the Donbas after all. He’s as big a liar as Johnson!!

Speaking of Covid. The operation to save Big Dog Turd continues. It’s the weekend and they are making it hard to test but they are still reporting 77,673 new cases yesterday with another 172 deaths. Hospital admissions are up 17%.

The Tories want us to forget all about it. Big Dog Turd has saved us from Covid!!! The pandemic is over!! Chuck out all the restrictions!! Let’s have a Freedom Day!! That’ll save the smelly mutt!

Except it is far from over. There are new variants popping up because they have let it rip!

The government says ‘Don’t PANIC!’ ‘What’s a few hundred deaths between friends?? NHS overwhelmed? Nonsense!! New wicked variants!! Who cares!! Big Dog is safe!! We’re closing the gap in the polls!! The people are more stupid than anyone could imagine!!’

The scientists are saying: ‘DO SOMETHING!!!’

Ha, what do they know? They’re only experts!! Get the bleach out and turn on the UV!! You’ll be alright!! You might die but at least your death will be in a good cause – So that Johnson can continue lying and redecorating his gaffe with million-pound wallpaper!!

Stay Safe!!

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