Poetry – Playing games

Playing games

Faded Empires,

Playing games

With millions of pawns.

Complex machinations

For power and wealth

In an incandescent storm.

Intrigue, threats and death,


Arrogance and scorn.

Played out across the globe,

Devoid of compassion

Greed, selfishness, care-worn.

Unseen puppet masters

Guide us through

Creating poverty and war

With paid brawn.

Inbuilt superiority,

Illusions of grandeur,

All in-born.

They play their power games

Of self-importance –

The devil’s spawn!

Opher – 13.6.2020

There is a big global game being played by powerful privileged people.

We are pawns.

Huge wealth is deployed.

They gamble with the future.

They use poverty and war as tools.

They exploit, cheat and control.

It is mega politics – beyond the politics of mere nations.


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