The Corona Diaries – Day 755

The sun is out and its turned war – up to about 15 degrees!! We drove over to my daughter’s to look after grandchildren.

Looking after the kids makes you wonder what sort of world they are going to inherit. At times of war one is reminded that we have a world run by psychotic mutant apes. The whole world is a mess – greed and lust rule.

At this moment then are hundreds of nuclear missiles ready to be launched, secret laboratories are creating lethal viruses and other laboratories are trying to find chemicals that will kill people more effectively. Trillions and trillions of pounds are spent on death and destruction, greed and lust, political and religious fanaticism.

Just think what the world could be like if we spent that money on education, health and looking after the planet. This would be paradise.

What is wrong with us?? Why are we beset by fear, racism and greed? Why do we always seem to elect psychotic/sociopathic leaders (in all areas of society)?

We really are mad apes.

I’ve travelled the world and met a lot of people. I’ve found two things: Most people are pleasant, friendly and helpful; a small number are violent, aggressive and want to do you harm or steal from you.

What makes that minority so nasty? Do we all have that nastiness as an inherent element in our nature.

Meanwhile, out in Coronaland, speaking of greed, lying and power lust, our clown is basking in his newfound safety, keeping a low profile and hoping to consolidate his new burst of popularity. Unbelievable really. The British public know their place!! They don’t care about corruption.

Yesterday, after promising to do something about the second salary scandal the inept lying clown announced that it was all absolutely fine after all. The people running the country through a potential third world war could continue their iffy lobbying, spend most of their time earning obscene amounts of cash and work from a luxury villa in the Caribbean if they wanted to. After all, running the country should only be a part-time job. It’s not that important. Being an MP was all about having the power to become a lot richer so it would be perverse to stop them becoming obscenely rich while in office. From a Tory perspective that would defeat the object. The object of being a politician was to be stinking rich and very powerful. Why else would all these wealthy Tory millionaires do it?

Which takes us neatly to the Russian connection. It seems that the Tories have been hobnobbing with Putin’s Oligarchs on all levels. Johnson went off partying with Lebedev when he was a Foreign Secretary (busily messing up Zaghari-Ratcliffe’s chances out of ineptitude and laziness). Millions went into Tory funds but what is not known is how many millions went into individuals’ bank accounts on the Cayman Islands.

The Russians targeted Tory greed in order to worm their way in. They did the same with Trump. I remember that tape they were supposed to have been blackmailing him with – they set him up with a bunch of Kremlin prostitutes and filmed him.

The Russians have been busy. They (and the Tories) must have been quite taken aback with the level of support for Ukraine. They both underestimated things.

Wouldn’t it be great if we had clear transparent access to all bank accounts and could see how much money all these powerful scum were squirrelling away!

The practice of looting from people is widespread. Putin has billions. Rees-Mogg and Sunak are worth a mint. I wonder how much Johnson has made so far??

Corruption is the order of the day.

Meanwhile, in the pandemic that has gone away – the numbers are going mad!!

  • Confirmed cases: 19,586,575 (total) · 1,281,588 (last 7 days)
  • Hospitalised cases: 17,276 (active) · 633,613 (total)
  • Fatality rate: Alpha variant 1.9% · Delta variant 0.2% · 2.88%

But the removal of restrictions has worked. The Big Dog Turd is still in office!!

Stay safe!!


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