The Corona Diaries – Day 753

Today was damp and cold in Yorkshire. As I’m still feeling lethargic from my lingering Covid I decided to stay in and do some writing. I’ve been playing some Fairport Convention (Divine Sandy Denny) and writing a short story.

Seems to have worked.

My covid symptoms seem to finally be lifting. I’ve still lacking in energy and have an annoying cough but apart from that, I’m feeling good.

I was going out to a gig in Hull this evening but that’s been cancelled as one of the band has gone down with Covid. There’s so much of it about. We’ll see if this herd immunity strategy pays off.

Meanwhile, out in Coronaland, our clown continues to evade justice. He gets away with murder but he’ll get his comeuppance. You can’t lie, cheat and abuse people forever. I think Putin will find that too!

Right now they are trying to pull their mean-minded hostile environment policy out of the mire. The populists thought they had racism and xenophobia nailed down. Patel and Johnson had pushed Brexit through on the public’s hatred of being ‘overrun’ with Eastern Europeans and probably thought they were safe being nasty to Ukrainian refugees. Now they find themselves out of step and the British public want to welcome them in! They’ve had to about-face and pretend they are not nasty after all.

Despite his lying, lawbreaking and sleaze the clown is still hanging on to power and pushing forward his totalitarian policies to tighten his grip. The take-over of the BBC is well underway. They are cramming their people in, threatening the BBC with their very existence and overseeing the exodus of any staff who do not support them. It is now going to be called the BTPC – the British Tory Propaganda Corporation.

The Criminal Act Bill is a multifaceted tool to suppress protest and tie up the opposition. The tool of a totalitarian state.

Johnson is hoping like mad that we’ll all have forgotten about the MET and Sue Gray. He wants to cling on to power for a while yet. There’s plenty more wealth to be garnered before he slinks off into an even more lucrative future carrying his swag.

In the war, Putin, remember him – Johnson and Farage’s benefactor – has bitten off more than he can chew. He thought that the West would sit back and allow him to walk over Ukraine. He was counting on some short-term sanctions that quickly fizzled out – as with Crimea and the two Ukrainian separatist states. I bet he’s been knocked back by the vehemence of the response. It’s knocked his economy into as big a ruin as he’s making of Ukrainian cities.

He thought he could make a quick incursion into Ukraine, walk over the Ukrainian resistance, oust the government and put in place a puppet regime (like he did in Belarus). Didn’t quite work out. There are no joyous Russian Ukrainians welcoming them as liberators. The Ukrainians are united and fighting with everything they’ve got. They’re being armed by the West and are blowing up tanks and shooting planes out of the sky for fun. The death toll rises and his war chest is depleted. It’s turned into a farce. The Russian military have been shown up as incompetent. He’s had to call in Syrian and Chechnian mercenaries and turn to a war of attrition barbarically bombing civilians.

The question is whether they will ever drag him in front of an international court and try him and his henchmen for war crimes? I hope so!

Will they make Russia pay war remunerations for the terrible damage he has inflicted on Ukraine?

We’ll see.

He’s like a trapped animal. Instead of achieving his aims he’s bankrupted the country, turned his people against him and sent the rest of the world into a rearmament programme with every Baltic country eager to join NATO.

He might soon find that not only does he have Ukraine in NATO but Finland, Sweden and others are in a race to join. He’ll have NATO on his border and have demonstrated clearly that Russia is a joke.

He’s been the architect of his own demise.

Mind you, there is that little nuclear situation. Will he use it? Desperate people do desperate things.

So, in the pandemic that no longer exists, where there is no more proper testing, no restrictions and no proper data that we can use, the clown is looking to gain popularity by pretending that he has brought us through the crisis. His mistakes are being covered up. We are no longer one of the worst nations in the world, we’re sort of middle of the road – just a little worse than those Third World countries lacking good health care and resources.

This guy can sure gloss over things. There’s no even to the layers of paint covering his atrocious record. If you believe him and the media they’ve done wonders – got Brexit done and beaten covid! Heaven help anyone stupid enough to believe all that.

The truth of the matter is that the government ignored the scientists in order to Save The Big Dog and took the populist policy of removing all restrictions. They’re gambling on herd immunity. It could backfire horribly. They are trying to disguise what is happening by suppressing testing and stats.

The truth is that the virus is surging! Yesterday there were 120,000 new cases (probably a lot more) with 222 more deaths and hospital cases rising.

The gamble is that vaccination will enable herd immunity before too many people die. I’ve never known of so many people I know going down with it. We’ll see.

I feel most sorry for all those with immune problems due to cancer or whatever, there are millions of them – they are virtually prisoners now.

Stay safe – it’s a game of chance – nuclear fission or viral??

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