Poetry – Living in a bubble

Living in a bubble

Living in a bubble

                On top of a wave

                                About to crash

                                                On a foreign beach.

Wondering my fate.

                To be burst?

                                Or washed up?

                                                To be blown

By an unfamiliar wind

                Across new lands,

                                As yet uncharted,

                                                And come to rest?

To shine in the sun

                A myriad of hues,

                                Bringing great joy,

                                                Or disintegrate in droplets?

Opher 28.3.2020

Life is a strange and fragile experience.

We can shine and bring joy or destroy ourselves.

Covide-19 has revealed the precariousness of our existence.

Like that bubble floating on the breeze we could end up anywhere. It is up to us to provide the direction and decide on the purpose

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