Poetry – Tectonic Plates of Society

Tectonic Plates of Society

As the tectonic plates shift

                The ground beneath us.

New mountains of behaviour

Push upwards as cultures clash.

Mountain ranges of compassion,

                Volcanoes of cooperation,

Peaks of altruism,

Earthquakes of respect.

The old layers of populism,

                The fossilised strata of greed,

The crushed remains of selfishness,

Are fractured, bent and buried.

As the old separation is replaced

                By new togetherness,

And the old hostilities

Are suffocated with love.

Opher – 29.3.2020

The pandemic has caused major shifts in our society. It is noticeable.

Most people are politer and friendlier. There is a togetherness and community spirit. It has brought people together.

So many are volunteering to help others, to look after the old and needy, the more vulnerable members of society.

Many are putting themselves at risk to tend to others.

The selfishness of Brexit and austerity is being washed away.

Perhaps we are on the brink of a new caring era? It’s a shame the pandemic did not happen a few years earlier.

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