The Corona Diaries – Day 715

A cold day – sunny morning and cold afternoon. I went out shopping this morning. Good to see that everybody still has their masks on.

We had friends around for a meal. The one topic of conversation was Boris Johnson and how long he was going to hang on.

The consensus was that he’d hold on til the grim end. He’ll probably still be governing from a prison cell!! Do a better job too! He won’t be sloshed on £180 a bottle wine or eating those free banquets. It’d be healthier for both him and the country!!

All four of us thought it would be best for him to stay as prime minister. We can put up with two more years of utter chaos, inequality, austerity, sleaze and corruption if it means we can rid ourselves of these arrogant Tories for a generation or two!!

The longer the clown is in power the more damage he does to them!

Rory Stewart was right (I hate to agree with even a moderate Tory) – it isn’t the Tory party anymore; it has morphed into a Populist party with fascist overtones.

Just imagine if we end up with a fascist Tory Party and a fascist Trump GOP????? It would be world domination!! They’d probably want to start world war 3 with China or Russia – probably both!!

That wouldn’t work well. There’s a long list of countries who have kicked our arses all ready – Korea, Vietnam, Cambodia, Afghanistan, Iraq – none of whom were world powers. I think the only places the warmongers have succeeded in have been San Salvador and the Falklands.

England could conceivably hold its own with the Isle of Wight (unless they had an alliance with the Isle of Mann and attacked us from two sides).

I think too many people are utterly deluded. They still think we have an empire. They need to learn their history. When we did have an empire all the tremendous wealth we plundered went straight into the coffers of the same people who have been profiteering during Brexit and Covid. Ordinary people were simply used as cheap cannon fodder or lived in slums while the Eton boys played polo.

An incredible 33% still support this bunch of useless profiteering toffs. They doff their caps and know their place. Boris – such a nice chap – a good laugh. NO NO NO. Boris Johnson is an overprivileged entitled millionaire who is taking everyone for a ride – just like Cameron before him – remember Greenswill!! These people are in it for the money. Power is the way to get more money. We’re all in it together???? You must be joking!! They are walking off with millions taking us for mugs.

I’m surprised the Cayman Islands still float!!

Where was I???

Oh yes – keep digging Johnson!! We’re rooting for you!! Blunder, bluster and lie!! The Tory Party needs to sink a lot further yet!!

So yesterday There were possibly 57,623 new cases – who knows?? There were 45 deaths though tomorrow that’ll probably go up!!

Are we nearing a herd immunity?? Is Omicron very mild indeed??

I know of quite a few with it now!! Only one really serious and he caught it a year and a half ago!

There is a substantial risk of a heart attack in the year after catching covid!!

Stay safe.

4 thoughts on “The Corona Diaries – Day 715

  1. Opher – Pleased to hear face-masks were being worn in the store you visited It is not that obvious inside the stores I visit around here. Maybe 55/45 wearing.

    You know, two more years is a really long time for someone like BoJo to remain as P.M! Any damage done to the Tories by him staying will be vastly offset by the damage he inflicts on the people living in the U.K. The very fact the Tories are trying to (ultimately) remove the legitimate right to protest might indicate the severity of forthcoming policies and the public’s possible response: such a continued, rapid privatisation of the NHS (we have a banker heading up Health Dept – requirement for medical insurance: pay-to-see-GP’s; deregulation of quality standards for goods and services; removal of environmental protections; further erosion of Human Rights; further erosion of Employee Rights, etc. (We don’t even have a left-wing Labour Party for support.) It’ll all get ugly, very quickly, if the clown stays.

    Across the Atlantic, it’s very likely, as a consequence of gerrymandering electoral boundaries, the Republicans will take the White House, Senate, and Congress next year. With Trump influencing/forcing the agenda, the GOP will take a wrecking ball to the U.S, and a sledgehammer to its people. It’ll return to trade wars, diplomatic disputes, increased aggression to other major powers (China especially, who will surpass the U.S in its technological capability by 2025, which is perceived as a potential threat), and who knows what else! WWW3 might never actually happen, but U.S support for conflict somewhere in the world is inevitable.

    In conversation today, a friend hypothesised the following scenario on the world stage: China backs Argentina’s claim to the Falklands, and both invade, China racks up tensions with Taiwan and invades, and Russia invades Ukraine. Both the U.S and U.K commit to all three fronts. Meantime, political tensions rise in the U.S and civil war erupts: as a result of these wars, violent protests flare in the U.K and across Europe as global supply chains collapse, economies shrink, debt rises, banks collapse, and poverty reigns. There is social revolution across the globe, following which a new global order emerges to govern the world. What do you think?


    1. Yes – two years is a long time and he can do a lot of damage. But all these Tories do damage. They’ve been systematically dismantling the support systems, demonising the poor and taking apart public services. They privatise, exploit and give cash to their chums. Whichever of the fools are in charge it will be largely the same!!
      The GOP has become a terrible fascist machine. Trump is a monster. Trump and Johnson together would be horrendous. We dodged a bullet for four years!!
      That’s a scary scenario but I don’t think it’ll happen.

      1. The plain and simple reality is that BoJo will continue to model himself on Trump and his hate-fueled, divisive, Trumpism-type politics propped up by a sympathetic, distorting media, all underpinned by dirty money. In an ideal world the clown would to be president of the U.K.

        Two years is a long time in politics, a long time before the next GE, by the end of which any sense of neo-libertarian views will have morphed into dictatorship and fascism. There is no effective opposition, and an 80 seat majority. What’s to stop the insidious clown from being successful in his ideologically poisonous endeavour?

        There is no path to sunny uplands, and only contempt for the electorate. More and more money will be sucked from the bottom of society upwards, leaving millions to suffer in poverty without help, or resources to turn to.

        So, sure, keep the clown in charge – just for shits and kicks! – but there will be severe consequences if he stays as P.M.


      2. Yes, there is that danger. Like Trump his psychopathic nature means he is capable of anything and will stop at nothing no matter how much damage he does. But I think Rishi and the rest of this Tory millionaire elite are all just as bad. It’s the ERG who rule this roost. They are a real bunch of fascists.

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