The Establishment And How They Get Away With It.

My views:

The Establishment

The Establishment is made up of the Rich and powerful.

It used to be the King, Church and Aristocrats. They have been usurped by wealthy, powerful business people (mainly men).

The Aim Of The Establishment

The aim of the Establishment is very simple; they wish to ensure that they retain and increase their wealth and power.

The Nature Of The Establishment

They are intrinsically conservative.

They want to ensure that the ordinary people are subservient, productive and quiescent. They do not wish to be challenged.

The Tactics Of The Establishment

They control.

They control through the media. They use propaganda and psychological pressure.

They control by establishing a hierarchy. They dangle the promise of advancement in wealth and power up to various levels.

They control politicians through the propaganda machine, through donations, bribes and threats.

They deploy force.

Why I am opposed To The Establishment

The Establishment creates war, division and conflict in order to further its ends.

The Establishment creates massive environmental damage.

They create a world of massive inequality leading to mass poverty, disease, death and destruction.

They promote consumerism and shallowness.

They do not want education to create questioning, enquiring minds. It has to be limited to specific knowledge and acquisition of skills to enable productivity.

People are pawns to be deployed to do the work, create wealth and provide cannon fodder.

They want people distracted with trivia, pop music, soaps, phones, computer games…………………

How Does The Establishment Operate?

Disdain and greed.

The Establishment and Politics.

Most political parties were set up by the Establishment to safeguard the interests of the Establishment. These include the Tories, Republicans and Democrats.

The Labour Party was formed out of the Trade Unions in order to represent ordinary working people.

Socialism and communism are anti-establishment.

Communism has unfortunately created totalitarian tyrannies in both China and Russia that have not worked in the interests of ordinary people. They have replaced one hierarchy with another.

For me, Democratic Socialism is the only way to create a fairer society in which the assets are not automatically directed to the Establishment.

The Establishment works very hard to undermine socialism. They use the media and finance to undermine the concept.

It’s time the people asserted themselves.

The present wave of extreme right-wing populism plays straight into the hands of the Establishment.

Time to think.

9 thoughts on “The Establishment And How They Get Away With It.

  1. Opher, you are at your very best here. The first third or so of what you say is absolutely spot on. After that, I like the thrust of your ideas, but disagree more and more with your positions. I think it might be better to continue this discussion by e-mail. But please don’t expect quick response!

    BTW, I’ve just finished another COVID rant. Hope to publish it tomorrow morning. What is going on in the Netherlands, in particular, is inexcusable!

    1. Cheers Neil. I look forward to hearing what you disagree with. I love a debate. Makes you think and reappraise.
      Also look forward to your rant.

  2. I plan to “let things stew” on COVID until a week or so after the new year. We should know for sure by then what’s going on. My best “informed guess” is that by then, new daily cases will have roughly stabilized at something under 200,000, and virtually all of them will be omicron. That, of course, is assuming Johnson and co don’t panic and lock down unnecessarily.

    1. I think you are right. I think Omicron will be the main variant but I think levels will be very high following mixing at New Year and Christmas..
      It remains to be seen if the number falling ill overwhelm the NHS or cause major shortages of staffing. If not then we can live with it.
      I would think a few sensible measures such as working from home where possible, masks inside, distancing where possible, ventilation or air filtration might be enough. Then people can decide on whether to mix, go out, interact.

  3. Hmmm… Last 3 days of new cases at Worldometers: 182.7K, 189.2K, 189.8K. My prediction is already coming true! But earlier than I said it would. Yesterday, the usual data release was more than 3 and a half hours late. Raising questions like: If the figures are bad, how are they going to spin them? Or will they “doctor” the figures?

    We live in “interesting times,” no? Cursed by the Chinese, of course.

    But I expect 2022 has a good chance of being better than 2021. The enemies of humanity have all but exhausted their credibility. And I don’t just mean the Tories.

    Cheers Opher, and a happy new year!

    1. I hope all the enemies of humanity have exhausted their credibility, Neil!! I somehow doubt they have!!
      All the best to you!! I hope next year is really profitable for you in all the best ways!!

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