The Establishment And How They Get Away With It.

Tories are the establishment!

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My views:

The Establishment

The Establishment is made up of the Rich and powerful.

It used to be the King, Church and Aristocrats. They have been usurped by wealthy, powerful business people (mainly men).

The Aim Of The Establishment

The aim of the Establishment is very simple; they wish to ensure that they retain and increase their wealth and power.

The Nature Of The Establishment

They are intrinsically conservative.

They want to ensure that the ordinary people are subservient, productive and quiescent. They do not wish to be challenged.

The Tactics Of The Establishment

They control.

They control through the media. They use propaganda and psychological pressure.

They control by establishing a hierarchy. They dangle the promise of advancement in wealth and power up to various levels.

They control politicians through the propaganda machine, through donations, bribes and threats.

They deploy force.

Why I am opposed To The Establishment


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2 thoughts on “The Establishment And How They Get Away With It.

    1. True Labour is antiestablishment. This watered-down socialism (necessary in order to get elected) is at least preferable to the outright, full-on Tories. Blair was a Tory.

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