Poetry – Who needs it?

Who needs it?

Who needs holidays

When you’re grafting for the US dollar?

Who needs a fair wage

When Trump’s got you by the collar?

Who cares about the climate

If there’s money to be made?

Who cares about the birds and bees

When the profit plans are laid?

Who needs the EU

Just twenty miles away?

We can sell our goods to the rest of the world

And make it pay!

What’s a few thousand miles

To transport our goods

Letting Trump orchestrate a deal

Will get us out of the woods.

So get Brexit done

Even if it ruins the nation!

It’ll make the rich even richer

Now there’s a sensation!

Opher – 22.10.2019

Brexit – organised on behalf of the wealthy.

They are after the right to exploit us all even more.  What did you think Brexit was for?

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