The Corona Diaries – Day 632

It was a very cold day today but the sun was out and that made it feel good. My kestrel flew over my head, the crows were cawing like mad, seagulls glided on the breeze and the trees were skeletons against a misty array of frost-rimed fields.

Back home I’ve been playing some Roy Harper and sorting out CDs.

Meanwhile, out in Coronaland, the bubble has burst; Boris Johnson is no longer viewed as a cute and cuddly messy-haired charmer, he’s now being seen as the lying, scheming, incompetent chancer he is. People are fed up with his promises and bright sunny proclamations. They’ve realised that there is no substance. The flimsy man gabbles away with the first thing that comes into his head gushing out in a string of soundbites, which never amount to anything!! We’re up to the gills with sunny uplands, world-beating Track and Trace, Moonshots, making Britain great again, Global Britain, build back better, levelling up and other vacuous nonsense. It’s all a gush of words. The fabled sunny uplands have proved to be a dreary sewer. The world-beating T&T is a joke. It’s been a big con trick. He’s obfuscated what was really going on. They’ve been greedily grabbing all they could and taking us for fools. A litany of sleaze, corruption and lies.

While this week’s fiascos were plying out Rishi Sunak was out in the States meeting with Health leaders looking to sell off more of our NHS. One minute they’re out there bashing pans and praising the people who saved their lives and the next they’re ushering in the private practice through the backdoor. Who’s making all the money??? Rishi Sunak isn’t short of a bob or two – where’s that coming from? Johnson’s been making a fortune and Rees-Mogg made a killing. How many are pulling in hundreds of thousands from second jobs – lobbying Government? How made of the multimillion-pound contracts went to friends and relatives??

Hopefully, Shropshire will be replicated all over the country and we might get rid of this obnoxious, inept bunch of sleazy scumbags forever!! Wouldn’t it be nice if we never have to suffer the austerity caused by a nasty Conservative Government?

The latest bit of sleazy daftness is that Simon Case, who was appointed to investigate Boris Johnson’s parties, had a party himself!! They were all at it!! What was it Rees-Mogg said? —- Jacob ReesMogg says a “convivial fraternal spirit” means the Conservatives do not need to wear masks in the Commons!! Seemingly they can all hold parties in lockdown and make up the rules!! What he really meant was that it really is one rule for them and another for us!!

So yesterday the Covid cases soared to 93,045 with another 146 deaths. There were another 3,201 cases of Omicron though one of the scientists said that it was likely to be at around 200,000 really.

Makes you ponder!

So glad to be retired and triple jabbed!!!

Stay safe!!

4 thoughts on “The Corona Diaries – Day 632

  1. I’d guess Javid had a good long talk with the South Africans, took in what they had to say, then applied their knowledge to the situation in the UK. That’s what I’d have done. The modellers (even the more competent ones) will be overwhelmed, since they won’t really have any idea of what numbers they need to plug in to their models.

    Spiegelhalter is a statistician, not an epidemiologist. And, it appears, very much part of the establishment; after Sir David Norgrove caught out Hancock on testing last year, they put him into Sir David’s group, presumably to prevent a repeat. Odd, though, that a member of SAGE breaks ranks by understating the numbers of infections rather than overstating them. (The number of infections today ought to be bigger than the number of cases in a few days’ time, not smaller. 90,000 cases today represents well more than 90,000 infections a few days ago, because the infections estimate counts asymptomatic ones too).

    I see that omicron is now “taking off” in different parts of Europe. The French had 58K cases yesterday, the Germans 48K. Even the Spaniards had 33K, and the Danes 11K (that’s higher pro rata to population than the UK figure). If omicron does prove to be significantly less serious than delta, then Javid would do well not to take any precipitate action, and simply to let it work its way through the population.

    1. You are assuming a level of intelligence and rational thought. Remember, these are Tories. All they see are pound signs.
      I hope that Omicron is mild. That would be a big boon – but the hospitals are filling with the unvaccinated. Life on a ventilator, particularly without adequate supervision, is not something to look forward to. I hope you’ve had your jabs Neil.

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