The Corona Diaries – Day 630

It was warm today – 11 degrees!! I’ve been sorting shelves and CDs all day and went for a walk late afternoon. The sunset was glorious!! I’d settle for winter like this!!

Meanwhile, out in Coronaland, the arrogance continues apace. It now seems that the Tories were holding parties all over the place while the rest of us were locked down. It really doesn’t surprise me. I’ve known so many Tories over the course of my career and that arrogance and superiority is par for the course. Rules are for the little people. It’s not ‘do what I do’ it’s ‘Do as I tell you’. It’s bred into them and reinforced through their public schools. They feel entitled to do what they like, behave how they like; the world owes them a living.

I used to play rugby when I was young and represented Esher at schoolboy level. The rugby club was a bastion of Tory upper-class twit of the year. I soon got out of there!

The silliness of the clown in charge in not setting examples, not being cautious, sending the wrong messages and talking gibberish, is all coming home to roost. Like any other populist fool, he was trying to be popular – promising the earth and delivering nothing. He’s been telling us that the relaxation of rules was IRREVERSIBLE and going around not wearing a mask, pretending that everything is normal. It’s not normal. The virus never went away. We’ve been a breeding ground for variants!! Now we’ve got Omicron!!

He is meant to be leading us in a crisis!! All he’s been doing is creating crisis after crisis. The man’s a nincompoop. He’s taken us into a disastrous Brexit and created one of the worst records on Covid in the world.

Even the Tory Press is turning on him saying that the country is rudderless!!

That’s so true. The fool hasn’t got a clue. He just makes optimistic announcements and expects everything to magically happen. If optimism was the answer to problems everything would be great. Unfortunately, you need planning, expertise and knowledge. He’s lacking in all departments.

Yesterday there was a staggering 78,610 new cases – the highest level in the whole pandemic. There were another 150 deaths.

Mind you, the government site had it as 59,077 new cases!!

Hospitalisation is up 10.4%. That’s worrying

Omicron has leapt to 10,017 new cases. Looks like Dido and her £37 billion has been spaffed up the wall!! Track and Trace?????

Well, I’ve had my three jabs and am fairly confident, even against Omicron, but I think we’re in for a rough month or two.

I’ve got a good suggestion – why don’t the Tory government resign and let some people in with a higher level of competence – anybody really – our local toyshop would make a better go of it!!

Stay safe!! I’m staying in!! It’s looking nasty out!!

6 thoughts on “The Corona Diaries – Day 630

  1. It was warm today – 11 degrees!! … I’d settle for winter like this!!

    So would I Opher, so would I. And yet, you claim to be against climate change and “global warming?”

    I suspect the UK Omicron cases are grossly under-estimated. Such a surge suggests that most of the new cases are Omicron. If that’s right, it’s good, not bad. Sajid Javid already seems to be aware of this: I’ll take a look at the hospitalization data tomorrow.

    Oh, and rugby. I don’t think I’ve told you this before, but I was sent to one of the big public schools (Marlborough). On a state scholarship. Cynically, I like to say, “They tried to create another Freeman Dyson, but what they got was another John Locke.” I was awful at rugby, even though I was adequate at hockey and even OK at cricket. In my late 20s, I could bowl at about 75mph! But contact sports are not me.

    1. Lol – the problem with climate change is not immediately here Neil – though the rising sea levels, flooding and arid summers would take their toll – it’s around the world where rising seas, storms, droughts and extreme temperatures would cause havoc and make regions uninhabitable. Food production would be hit hard. Mass migration would soon start people bleating. Bush fires, extreme weather. You wouldn’t like it!!
      Maybe Omicron will turn out to be good but hospitalisation is rising! We’ll see.
      I loved rugby. I hated those arrogant stuck-up Tories.

      1. Well Opher, my take is that if you can’t show any hard, verifiable evidence there’s a climate change problem and that it’s human-caused, and your many past predictions of problems (e.g. climate refugees, thousands of dead polar bears, children won’t know what snow is) haven’t come true, your “problem” isn’t worth taking seriously.

        As to hospitalizations, the jury is still out. The latest date for which OWID has UK hospital occupancy data is the 13th (Monday). That day it showed 7672 COVID patients hospitalized, up from 7344 on Saturday but still in the ball-park of “normal variability” over the last several months. It is less than the figures of over 8000 from four weeks ago, and way, way lower than the peak of 38169 on 17JAN this year. The UK is also reporting hospital admissions as well as occupancies, but only weekly; and the last date they have data for is 05DEC, too long ago to be of use to me. But, as I’ve said before, we should know by Christmas, either way. Let’s hope Javid keeps his eye on the ball and stops Johnson doing anything stupid in the meantime.

      2. A man hears what he wants to hear and disregards the rest.
        Try this – it summarises the changes.
        As a biologist I have been keenly aware of the changes in the biosphere over the past sixty years. It has been immense all around the world and catastrophic for many creatures.
        But, no doubt you’ll tune in to the antiscience Trumpists who, for their own ends, are pouring out propaganda. Half of them believe the earth is flat and human beings started in the garden of eden a few thousand years ago.
        It certainly looks as if the vaccination is working. How effective is it against Omicron and how legal is Omicron? I guess we’ll know soon enough.
        Having a clown backed up by a bunch of lunatics does not help!!

  2. A man hears what he wants to hear and disregards the rest.

    Absolutely right, Opher. Each of us hears the beat of a different drummer. There are only two ways we can agree on which beat we should keep to. One is that some individual or elite is able to dictate how each of us behaves. (Unity). The other is that everyone may behave how they want to, unless they cause or are proved likely to cause objective damage to others. (Harmony). You take the first position, I take the second. The only way we can ever reconcile the two is by reference to facts and reality.

    The link you give is laughable. The first graph does not show either the Roman or Mediaeval Warm Periods, both of which were arguably as warm as now, if not warmer
    Nor does it show the recovery from the Little Ice Age over the last 350-400 years. The IPCC is a political organization, not in any way a scientific one. As to Kilimanjaro, see here: I could deconstruct a few more of the fallacies there, if you want.

    As to vaccination, I’ve heard (but not yet verified) that the proportion of people hospitalized recently who have been double-jabbed is very close to the proportion among the population as a whole. That would mean that the vaccines are in essence useless against omicron.

    1. Unity does not have to be imposed Neil. It is when people are in agreement that it is the right way!!
      Yes – I don’t think two vaccines cut the mustard with Omicron – you need three like me.

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