Ignoring Experts and Rubbishing Scientists.

The cornerstone of Populism as espoused by Trump, Johnson and Bolsonaro.

The premise being that experts always get it wrong, are politically motivated (or bought off) and cannot be trusted.

The inference being that it is better to place your faith in populist leaders – who know what they are talking about (such as – there is no global warming, we can keep drilling and digging, chop down all the forests, drink bleach and bombard your body with UV light – get back to work).

The reality being that the average idiot on the street drinks bleach, thinks that covid is a conspiracy or caused by 5G, that masks and distancing are a commie plot, global warming is an elitist plot, that appointing a billionaire leader is a strike against elitism, that the UN is a conspiracy, that the holocaust never happened and the earth is really flat.

They would rather believe the propaganda put out on the internet and conspiracy rather than science.

So it makes more sense to believe that the world is being run by alien lizards who eat babies and Bill Gates is implanting microchips through vaccines than to listen to scientists telling us that climate change is going to cause catastrophe for both us and other life on this planet, that the only way out of this pandemic is through vaccination and we have to stop using fossil fuels.

The Dark Ages – The Age of Superstition – we’re still living it!!

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